Canada is coming back from the neoliberal era – where Finland is just being sent to

This  site  offers  discussion (in Finnish) of  the  return  of  Canada – with the Trudeau government  –  from  the  neoliberal  era under the  Harper Conservatives (Reform Party) regime.

Somewhat  paradoxically,  Finland  is  just  beginning to experience   ideologically neoliberal policies  and visions  under the  center-right government  of Prime Minister Juha Sipila.  Where  Canada  is  returning  from, Finland is just about to be  taken.

The site heading is ”Paluumatkalla kovista arvoista”, on the return journey  from  hard values.   The site was launched in 2012  with the title  ”Kovien arvojen Kanada”, Canada of hard values.

The writer  of  the site, Juhani Niinistö  worked in Canada  2006-2011  as  the editor of Finnish language weekly newspaper Vapaa  Sana.

Before going to Toronto, he had been  the Head of the Finnish international radio  service (YLE Radio Finland)  from the late 70s.  In that role he had maintained  contacts with Canada, and YLE  (Capital FM)  was the first European station (outside the armed forces  services) to relay  the CBC (including the World at Six) on  FM from the mid 90s. And  CBC Radio One aired  Yle English half hour daily  (as part of the CBC Overnight) – until YLE closed the international English service in 2002.  CBC relays on YLE in Finland continued until 2012 when the CBC  the plug on the European satellite relays.


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